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To Appeal or Not to Appeal

7 Steps to Systematize ACA Marketplace Subsidy Notices

PBJ Best Practices

5 Ways to Verify Your Payroll-Based Journal Data

PBJ 5-Step Checklist

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Exempt or Nonexempt

3 Strategies to Ease Employee Reclassification

Overtime is Okay

5 Ways to Overcome the Time‑Tracking Stigma

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5 Tech Trends Changing HR

and 5 Ways to Take Advantage of Them

How to Boost Employee Productivity with Mobile Apps

Mobile devices are changing the way we engage online. Many employers wonder if mobile apps at work can boost business productivity

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Manage Minimum Wage Increases

5 Things Employers Need to Know About Minimum Wage Laws

Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) Reporting for Long-Term Care Facilities

Understanding Requirements

ACA Prep Checklist

Are You Ready?

Insourcing ACA Reporting

3 Steps to Selecting the Right Software

Three Ways to Avoid FLSA Lawsuits

Play by the Rules to Stay Compliant

Optimize Employee Scheduling with Time and Attendance

Integrate with other workforce systems and allow users to select and design data output for reports

Limiting ACA Liability

Managing Part-Time and Seasonal Employees

HR Tech Trend

People-Focused Time and Attendance

Simplifying the Affordable Care Act

Streamline Reporting with a Time and Attendance System

Cloud Computing 101

What Is the Cloud and Is Our Data Safe There?

Paid Sick Leave

From Perk to Priority

Limiting Penalties as an Applicable Large Employer

ACA Business Profile

Preparing for Applicable Large Employer Status

ACA Business Profile

Long-Term Healthcare Trends

Managing Labor Costs

Protecting Your Organization from Wage and Hour Lawsuits

Tips for Protecting Your Organization with a Time and Attendance System

Increase ROI with Automated Leave Management

An automated leave management process is a structured, system-guided process that reduces errors, costs and personnel involvement

Benefits of Using Time & Attendance Data for ACA Compliance

Managing Millennials

4 Key Strategies for Becoming an Employer of Choice

Avoiding Compliance Issues

Challenges in Today's Hospitality Industry

After the Sale

What To Expect From Your Time and Attendance Vendor

Forecasting and Budgeting

Optimal Employee Scheduling for Retail, Hospitality and Healthcare

Expert Time and Attendance

3 Ways for Great Managers to Shine

10 years of Attendance on Demand