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Automating Benefit Accruals with Attendance on Demand

Service simplifies administration of employee time-off plans, fairly applies policies


For many organizations, employee time-off policies have grown increasingly complex — a key improvement for employees seeking flexible paid leave arrangements. However, these policies pose a substantial challenge to human resources departments that must now design and manage a variety of plan types. Attendance on Demand can be configured to automatically track employee earned benefit time — in real time. This paper looks at the advantages of implementing Attendance on Demand, including the cost savings and streamlined operations associated with automating the granting, validation, and calculation of accruals and leave.

Can Your Organization Retain Valued Human Resources?

The success of any organization is tied to the satisfaction of its employees. In fact, no matter how challenging the economy, an organization's most talented performers usually have other employment options.

How do companies keep their most valued human resources? Compensation packages must be competitive, of course. Yet in many cases, employees are motivated by more than pay.

More and more, employees seek recognition that they have demands outside of the workplace.

Flexibility Brings Complexity

To address these issues, many employers are abandoning strictly defined categories of sick, personal and vacation time, opting instead for flexible paid time-off policies that give employees flexibility to take time-off to serve their needs.

As a result, employee time-off policies have grown increasingly complex — and this poses a substantial challenge to the human resources departments that now must design and manage a variety of plan types.

A further challenge is that today’s HR departments, like other core functions within an organization, are under tremendous pressure to operate with less cost and greater accountability. The focus is to reduce the costs and administrative burden associated with setting up and managing multiple time-off plans, while improving HR efficiency.

Automating Benefits Accrual

Organizations facing these challenges require their time and attendance systems to automatically accrue employee benefit earnings. They look for an automated system to help simplify numerous activities, starting with plan setup and continuing through tracking, administration and analysis, as well as information sharing with payroll and financial systems.

Attendance on Demand is easily configured to automatically compute and pay employee earned benefit time. Attendance on Demand is a scalable time and attendance system offering flexible pay rules, scheduling, labor budgeting, web access for employees and managers, and biometric data collection. Many organizations have implemented this flexible application to automate policies associated with the granting, validation, and calculation of accruals and leave. The system applies balance enforcement restrictions in real time, and provides employees and managers with easy access to those balances.

Real Results in Real Time

Attendance on Demand is specifically designed to automatically calculate employee leave balances and enforce leave policies — preventing unauthorized leave time while minimizing the administrative burden once faced by HR. Plus, benefit accrual features are flexible enough to facilitate a wide range of complex leave and benefits policies.

Organizations that automate benefit accruals with Attendance on Demand achieve the following results:

  • Improved productivity and accuracy. A configurable engine calculates user-defined leave rules — automating all record keeping which lets HR work more efficiently. Plus, organizations experience increased accuracy by eliminating error-prone manual calculations and record keeping
  • Customized calculations. The highly flexible nature of the benefit accrual parameters and setup allows Attendance on Demand to address even the most complex set of benefit accrual conditions — no matter the variety of policies.
  • Real Time Tracking. Benefit balances are available for each day of an employee’s employment, letting organizations deliver real-time balances to managers and employees
  • Increased Flexibility. Different benefits can be made available to different groups or employees. Accrual rates and tracking can vary based on job position, senority, or employment status, among other things. Organizations can automate maximum accrual amounts, yearly carryover, and borrowing benefits.
  • Robust Reporting. Attendance on Demand reporting tools let organizations retrieve and analyze leave-related employee data — showing instantly which employees have high or low leave balances. Employee Self Service reports empower employees with real-time access to available leave time balances.
  • Increased Compliance. The system minimizes an organization’s exposure to leave liability and employee grievances, improving compliance with corporate policies and union contracts. The system also consistently tracks FMLA and other mandated leave policies.


As employee time-off policies grow more complex, and HR departments seek to reduce cost and increase accountability, the goal is to automate leave practices fairly, consistently and cost-effectively. Attendance on Demand is specifically designed to reduce the costs and administrative burden associated with setting up and managing multiple time-off plans, while improving HR efficiency. By establishing a series of benefit accrual rules, virtually any calculable series of conditions can be automatically accrued by the system. Attendance on Demand reduces the labor and productivity costs associated with unauthorized leave time, gives employees and managers access to real-time leave balances, and is proven to eliminate the problems associated with managing the flexible time-off policies today’s employees demand.

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