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Attendance on Demand Takes Chase Hospitality Paperless

Cloud-based time and attendance solution generates 40% time savings

As the hospitality industry grows increasingly competitive, it is even more critical that companies operate efficiently in all areas, including employee time and attendance.

For Irving, Texas-based Chase Hospitality, owner and operator of nine hotels, a switch to Attendance on Demand has enabled improved time and attendance recording, tracking, and reporting.

The proven, Cloud-based solution saves time for everyone at Chase Hospitality, from the corporate office manager, to the accounting staff, to the general managers at each hotel, and the 200 employees who now use the system to easily, quickly, and accurately record their time.

Today, Chase Hospitality manages its time and attendance functions in a virtually paperless environment, and the company is able to match staffing levels with guest occupancy levels in real time for maximum efficiency.

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