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Leave Time and the American Worker

Bureau of Labor Statistics survey reveals how U.S. workers use time off

For the first time ever, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released findings from its 2011 American Time Use Survey that examined workers' access to and utilization of employer leave policies. Released in August 2012, the findings revealed:

  • 90% of workers in 2011 had access to paid or unpaid leave
  • Men and women were almost equally likely to have access to leave
  • Full-time wage and salary workers were three times more likely to have access to paid leave compared to part-time workers (77% vs. 22%)
  • 21% of workers took leave during an average week, taking an average of 15.6 hours
  • 6% of workers took leave for vacation, 5% for illness or medical care, and 4% for errands or personal reasons
  • 56% of workers in 2011 could adjust their work schedules or location to either avoid taking leave or because they did not have access to leave
  • Parents with children under the age of 13 were more likely to adjust their schedules or location instead of taking time off

Read the full news release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: