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January 2016

Extended! IRS Pushes ACA Deadlines


Free Webinar – Paid Sick Leave: Challenges & Solutions for Complying With New Mandates

Thursday, February 18
1:00 – 2:00 PM ET

Paid sick leave mandates are gaining momentum. If you are not already subject to paid sick leave regulations, it may be coming to you in the near future. So what should you know and what should you do to prepare? This webcast reviews key elements common to paid sick leave legislation and explores how automated systems can help ease employer burdens. It will:

  • Review the extent of current mandates and the state of proposed legislation
  • Identify key elements that are common to most legislative efforts
  • Outline differences to look for in state or local ordinances that may affect you
  • Review how changes to leave-related policies can ease the administrative burden of calculating and awarding sick leave time
  • Explore how automation can help streamline leave accrual and administration
  • Identify key leave-related features to look for in your payroll or timekeeping system

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IRS Extends ACA Filing Deadlines

Last-minute relief for employers

At the close of 2015 the IRS extended ACA filing deadlines, delivering welcome news to applicable large employers (ALEs) and self-funded employers.

IRS pushed deadlines roughly two months from the original dates. The new dates are:

Filing Activity

Old IRS Due Date

New IRS Due Date

Deadline to distribute forms to employees

February 1, 2016

March 31, 2016

Deadline to file forms with IRS (paper)

February 29, 2016

May 31, 2016

Deadline to file forms with IRS (electronically)

March 31, 2016

June 30, 2016

Due to the late release of filing instructions in 2015, employers had been "struggling with logistical issues," said Chatrane Birbal, SHRM's senior advisor for government relations, and seeking a filing extension from the IRS.

However, the IRS is encouraging employers to file "as soon as they are ready," even as early as January.

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Insourcing ACA Reporting the Easy Way

Save money and time with one of 3 software solutions

While the IRS acknowledged the difficulty employers will have with ACA forms by extended filing deadlines, employers still need to find workable solutions to the administrative task.

"The ACA reporting forms require specific information…not contained in a central repository," said Chatrane Birbal, SHRM's senior advisor for government relations. "Collecting information required to ensure accurate reporting is an administrative burden for employers."

For employers that want to save money by insourcing instead of outsourcing their reporting, they can choose from several software solutions to assist them, including:

  • Form generators – Software that creates completed ACA forms after employers source and enter required information
  • HCM Suites – Human capital management Suites are integrated workforce management systems with ACA-specific modules
  • Standalone solutions – Imports required data from existing workforce management systems to generate completed forms

To choose the solution right for you, download the free e-book Comparing ACA Tools from Attendance on Demand.


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Can Attendance on Demand help us manage employees' ACA status?

Yes! VisualACA by Attendance on Demand tracks employees' hours and provides "guidance values" to help mangers set schedules that maintain employees' status as full- or part-time under the Affordable Care Act.

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