Learn More about Time and Attendance

Time and attendance services track employee working time while maximizing labor dollars. They automate employee timekeeping from the employee punching at a time clock to the employee’s total hours being sent to payroll.

Automatic Calculations Ensure Accuracy

Sophisticated calculations occur in the background, making sure the employee is paid correctly. Your organization’s pay rules are incorporated in the calculations.

Scheduling Tools Help Ensure Optimal Coverage

Time and attendance also handles employee scheduling. Employees with regular schedules can be scheduled for months ahead of time, automatically. Supervisors can easily adjust employee schedules on the fly. Labor budgeting can add clarity to the scheduling process, helping supervisors maintain appropriate ratios such as the number of registered nurses per patient or the right number of cashiers for the projected hourly sales.

Exception Tracking and Points Systems Improve Employee Performance

The time and attendance service maintains company-determined attendance standards for your employees. Any divergence from the schedule, or exception, is flagged for the supervisor. Points systems can initiate consequences or rewards that relate to employee attendance. From preventing minors from taking short lunches to rewarding employees for good attendance, the time and attendance service reinforces your policies and keeps supervisors abreast of employee performance.

Leave Request Tools Make Requesting Leave Easy and Granting Leave Fair

The time and attendance service can perform additional functions like processing requests for time off. For instance, the employee can request time off using employee self service. The supervisor is then emailed and the request is also displayed in his or her dashboard to be approved or denied. Requests can be evaluated together so the supervisor can make a fair and logical decision. If the request is approved, the employee is scheduled for the leave time and the leave hours are automatically deducted from his or her benefit bank.

Attendance on Demand

Attendance on Demand is a time and attendance service that calculates hourly or salaried wages, manages employee time and wage data, and meets the needs of any sized organization. Scalable, reliable and secure, Attendance on Demand gives you access to advanced time and attendance tools while eliminating the upfront costs of licensed software.

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