Supervisor Profile


The Supervisor Profile is designed to make day-to-day employee supervision easier, helping you control:

  • Unnecessary overtime.
  • Absenteeism.
  • Staffing and employee schedules.
  • supervisor dashboard

    Supervisor dashboard streamlines labor management tasks.

  • supervisor dashboard expanded

    Supervisors can access system areas for rapid time card approval and scheduling.


The dashboard is designed as your daily action list. It flags the conditions that need your attention, and helps you address them with a single click.

  • The Supervisor Dashboard identifies the time card exceptions that you need to address: one click and you can fix all of them. It also identifies absences and helps you reschedule employees for appropriate coverage.
  • Dynamic time cards capture employee time and allow you to easily correct errors.
  • Scheduling can be done from the time card on the fly, or you can schedule months in advance.
  • Online management reports are easy to customize so you get just the reports you need.
  • Optional Leave Management lets you address employee requests for time off quickly. All the information you need to make a decision is at your fingertips.
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