Is our data safe?

Our hosted time and attendance service, Attendance on Demand, is physically located in highly secure hosting environments that are safe and dependable to ensure data security and application availability. Trust your labor data with the most advanced firewall technology on the market, monitored around the clock. Backups are maintained on a continuous basis, which means you are covered in the unlikely event of data loss. In fact, your data is probably safer when hosted by Attendance on Demand than if stored at your own site.

Is my employee information secure?

You can trust that Attendance on Demand has in place the latest security safeguards and data encryption. The system was purposely designed so that enabling cookies — text strings sent to your browser — is not necessary.

Attendance on Demand is built with the most advanced servers and data centers, for immunity against prolonged power outages, flooding, fire and other natural disasters.

It is our priority to protect your business information through the use of industry standard techniques such as firewalls, data encryption, intrusion detection and website monitoring.

10 years of Attendance on Demand