Attendance on Demand, Inc. Presents at 13th Annual Midwest Regional Payroll Conference

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Information that Payroll and HR Professionals Must Know

(October 2015) — Attendance on Demand, Inc., developer of employee time and attendance systems, will be speaking Thursday, October 15, 2015 at the 13th Annual Midwest Regional Payroll Conference at the Chateau on the Lake Resort in Branson, Missouri. Attendees will learn about important timekeeping-related challenges of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Beth Baerman, Director of Communications for Attendance on Demand, will present "Time & Attendance Data Essentials for ACA" on Thursday, October 15th.

Baerman is an expert in time and labor management. As a frequent speaker about labor compliance, she has been advising employers about the Affordable Care Act and its implications for over three years. Baerman was recognized for this work with a 2014 Gold Award for Communications in the prestigious Women in Business World Awards.

Conference attendees will learn about the timekeeping aspects of the ACA, why managing part-/full-time employee status is more critical than ever, and why establishing liability reporting and record-keeping practices is so important.

"It is an honor to be at the conference speaking on such a complex subject like the Affordable Care Act," said Baerman. "My hope is that members will gain a better understanding of how this law will affect their labor management and payroll practices."

About Midwest Regional Payroll

The organization serves payroll profession throughout the states of the Midwest/Heartland area of the United States. Including but not limited to Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma. It provides and educational forum to exchange information and experiences in the Payroll and Human Resource environment for the benefit of its members.

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Attendance on Demand supports the labor management needs of thousands of companies and more than three-quarters of a million employees across North America. Launched in 2006, Attendance on Demand is a rapidly deployed, cloud-based solution that minimizes a company's risk and technology investment while providing advanced features for securely managing labor data—calculating pay rules, scheduling employees, budgeting labor, and automating recordkeeping for labor law compliance. With standard uptime over the industry average of 99.995% and above average customer retention rates, Attendance on Demand removes the worry of maintaining expensive infrastructure. An extensive North American distribution network helps organizations use Attendance on Demand to reduce labor expenses and improve decision making.

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