Attendance on Demand Releases White Paper on Paid Sick Leave

Attendance on Demand, Inc. announces the release of a white paper discussing the new paid sick leave legislation that is sweeping the nation. Paid sick leave administration is becoming a necessity for most companies. In order to comply with new laws, HR departments need to be aware of four common obligations most paid sick leave laws contain: accrual and usage rules, sick leave pay rates, "missed" work time provisions, and record keeping. This white paper examines ways companies can streamline their sick leave strategy.

Automating paid sick leave administration can ensure accuracy, remove manual data collection, and eliminate reporting tasks associated with sick leave administration. Some of the recordkeeping obligations include hours worked, amount of time off accrued, and amount of time off taken per employee. Companies also need to be aware that some laws mandate a length of time all the information must be kept.

"If a company is unsure of the system it needs to track paid sick leave, chances are it comes down to a payroll or time and attendance system," said Beth Baerman, Director of Corporate Communications at Attendance on Demand, Inc. "A time and attendance system is a better fit for a proactive approach since payroll happens after sick time has already been used."

This white paper suggests that taking the time to understand the law is the best way to develop a strategy. Some paid sick leave laws include "carve-outs" which can exclude certain types of employees from paid sick leave. Companies can even be excused if they already provide paid sick leave as long as the company's policy meets the criteria within the law.

"We recommend speaking with legal counsel if there are any questions about any paid sick leave laws or if your company qualifies for exceptions or exemption," said Baerman. "Once you know your legal obligations, a time and attendance system can help with tracking paid sick leave."

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