Attendance on Demand Releases White Paper Discussing How to Avoid Wage and Hour Lawsuits

Employee Time and Attendance Management Provides the Answer

Attendance on Demand announces the release of "Wage and Hours Lawsuits: Tips for Protecting Your Organization with a Time and Attendance System." This white paper discusses how wage-and-hour lawsuits pose a growing threat to employers. Most organizations know the importance of maintaining accurate attendance records. But with the increased scrutiny from the Department of Labor and an increase in employee class action suits, a reliable time and attendance system can help "bulletproof" an organizations time and attendance data.

The best way to combat Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) litigation is to keep FLSA compliant records for non-exempt employees. These records can be managed in a time and attendance system; however employers need to be aware that some systems leave them exposed to increased litigation risk. The white paper presents a number of factors that can increase this risk from outdated technology to confusing interfaces to inabilities to track and manage administrative changes accurate reports.

"If inaccurate time and attendance data is presented due to the inabilities of a time and attendance system, these issues can buoy a plaintiff's case," said Beth Baerman, Director of Corporate Communications at Attendance on Demand. "Employers need a trustworthy time and attendance system for accurate record keeping."

The white paper discusses how a time and attendance system should work with the employees, managers, and administrators. If the system is honed for these three stakeholders, then the system serves as a vehicle for improving management and employee relations making time tracking transparent. It paper also presents key features needed to shore up recordkeeping such as convenient system access, an intuitive interface with updated technology, and customizable setup and reporting.

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