Attendance on Demand Deployment and White Papers Recognized in Hot Company Awards

Attendance on Demand receives Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards

Northville, Michigan — Attendance on Demand is pleased to receive Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards in the 8th Annual 2013 Hot Company and Best Products Awards. The Bronze for the deployment of the YWCA case study, the Silver for the Misclassification Mishaps white paper and Gold for the Managing Internships white paper.

YWCA saved 35 percent in switching over to Attendance on Demand and gained additional functionality their previous system didn't offer. Originally it took two and half hours each pay period to process payroll. Now it only takes an hour and a half to run all the reports, process payroll, and budget correctly. The YWCA experienced an overall 40 percent increase in payroll efficiency.

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The Attendance on Demand Misclassification Mishaps white paper discusses how the U.S. Department of Labor has launched a multi-layered initiative to investigate employers who misclassify employees as contractors. This initiative has many employers unsure of how to protect themselves against misclassification. Examining existing contractor relationships, auditing all employee classifications, reviewing pay policies, and other methods are just a few ways organizations can avoid costly misclassification mishaps.

Read the entire white paper: "Avoiding Misclassification Mishaps: How Employees Can Protect Themselves from Employee Misclassification"

The Managing Internships white paper takes a closer look at managing unpaid and paid internship. The Department of Labor clearly defines the criteria of an unpaid internship under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). This whitepaper examines the FLSA's six criteria for unpaid internships and helps simplify the decision of whether an internship should be paid or unpaid.

Read the entire white paper: "Managing Internships: Paid and Unpaid"

Now in its eighth year, the prestigious Hot Company and Best Products Awards recognize a broad spectrum of industry products and solutions. This recognition program encompasses the world's best in organizational performance, products and services, hot technologies, executives and management teams, and many other categories.

"We are pleased that Attendance on Demand has been honored with these prestigious awards," said Beth Baerman, Attendance on Demand Director of Corporate Communications. "Providing educational white papers about time and labor management issues enables us to share our expertise so that it can benefit companies in many different industries."

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Attendance on Demand employee time and attendance service supports the labor management needs of thousands of companies and over a half million employees across North America. Launched in 2006, Attendance on Demand is a rapidly deployed, cloud-based solution that minimizes a company's risk and technology investment while providing advanced features for securely managing labor data-- calculating pay rules, scheduling employees, budgeting labor, and automating record keeping for labor law compliance. With standard uptime over the industry average of 99.995% and above average customer retention rates Attendance on Demand removes the worry of maintaining expensive infrastructure. An extensive North American distribution network helps organizations use Attendance on Demand to reduce labor expenses and improve decision-making. 1-800-465-9980

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