Attendance on Demand Releases New Cloud-Based Security White Paper

The Drive for Data Security in Time and Attendance

Attendance on Demand, Inc. announces the availability of a new white paper examining the security risk that Human Capital Management (HCM) applications like payroll, time and attendance, and human resource systems should address and the configurable characteristics a time and attendance system should have to help guard against security breaches.

High profile breaches have recently called the security of cloud-based applications into question. For businesses, collecting and storing employees' confidential data is particularly sensitive. To protect this data, organizations must do their best to ensure their systems guard against both internal and external security threats.

To minimize the possibility of data hacking, the best time and attendance system must have configurable security features to help protect data both outside and inside the organization, including:

  • Protection of sensitive information
  • Restricted user access
  • Prompted password changing
  • Device security
  • Off-site data centers

"With the right safety features configured, cloud-based time and attendance systems can be more convenient and secure than traditional software," said Beth Baerman, Director of Corporate Communication at Attendance on Demand. "This gives organizations the access and flexibility needed in a time and attendance system without compromising confidential data."

Download the whitepaper Cloud-Based Security: How Safe Is My Time and Attendance Data? to learn more.

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