Attendance on Demand Releases New Biometrics White Paper

Ending time theft and controlling security access

Attendance on Demand, Inc. announces the availability of a new white paper detailing how biometrics are used in employee time and attendance systems. Today's biometric technology offers employers in every industry an advanced method of identification and verification. For employee time and attendance, biometrics offers better time tracking and labor management. Biometric systems eliminates the need for easily lost or stolen employee ID badges and can thwart attempts at "buddy punching," by identifying people through physical measurements of unique human characteristics.

Biometric technologies work by relying on unique, permanent, and scannable human characteristics that are unique for every individual. These characteristics remain the same and can be easily collected using a sensor that detects hand or finger measurements.

An employee's unique characteristics eliminate a time fraud phenomena called buddy punching. This happens when an employee punches in or out for another employee. Compounded across departments and employees, buddy punching becomes a big financial cost to organizations. With biometrics, buddy punching becomes virtually impossible.

A biometric system can also work as a security access monitor to deny or grant access to restricted areas. With a biometric system, employees act as their own ID badge thus eliminating the cost of purchasing magnetic or proximity ID cards, which do not always prevent fraudulent access.

"Because of the advances in technology, biometrics has become a more affordable option for companies looking at employee time and attendance system," said Beth Baerman, Director of Corporate Communication at Attendance on Demand. "Companies that experience time fraud or security access problems can greatly benefit from biometric time recorders."

This white paper discusses how advances in biometric time clocks are saving organizations money, eliminating time theft, and enhancing security. Download the complete whitepaper here: Biometrics: Ending Time Theft and Controlling Security Access

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