Attendance on Demand is based on three decades of experience in labor management technology.

Expand Your Customer Base with SaaS Time and Attendance Solution


Software as a Service (SaaS)-based time and attendance solutions offer strategic advantages to businesses and is delivered on the Internet with a subscription fee structure. Users avoid costly hardware, software licenses and complex version upgrades while speeding processes and freeing up internal resources to focus on core business. Workforce management providers must offer SaaS-based solutions to take advantage of this rapidly growing market and better serve their customers.

This paper summarizes the evolution of SaaS and its growth within the workforce management systems arena. It describes how offering SaaS-delivered time and attendance solutions enables workforce management providers to expand their customer base and guarantee future revenue. The paper highlights the specific benefits of offering Attendance on Demand which provides all the advantages of SaaS combined with 30 years of experience delivering time and attendance solutions to industry.

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