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Managing Your Workforce

Make informed decisions when managing your workforce. Attendance on Demand helps managers handle exceptions to schedules and day-to-day employee events by providing a real-time labor dashboard. Supervisors can drill down from time cards to schedules and quickly handle employee attendance issues and time-off request.

Integrating HR and Payroll

Attendance on Demand integrates with HR and Payroll taking advantage of Web Services technology and making data sharing fast and secure. Different users have different rights and access to only the information they need to do their job. Information is up-to-date without duplicate data entry. Supervisors can edit and approve time cards. HR maintains employee personnel records and time tracking information is ready for payroll—accurate and complete, every pay period.

Improving Management and Employee Communication

Attendance on Demand helps solve the common problem of employee-management miscommunication about schedules, time off, worked time and more. A cost-effective communication process that provides a documented outcome is available through employee messages. It lets employees and managers send, receive, and acknowledge messages. Attendance on Demand is a useful tool for improving relationships between managers and employees.

Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service tracks employee attendance with time sheets that match the way employees in different departments work. Employees can enter their own time, view schedules and time off balances, review current hours, and manage their own personnel information such as address or emergency contact data. Attendance on Demand simplifies time tracking for employees and makes labor management easy for managers, HR, and payroll.

Choosing the Right Time Clock

Attendance on Demand offers time clocks that help manage employee time for every type of business. Punch clocks, biometric time clocks, employee self service, and mobile devices are several of the time keeping methods available.

Assisting with Regulatory Compliance

Companies today must be aware of changing labor regulations and how they affect business and their employees' pay. Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) are two important laws. Attendance on Demand can assist with compliance procedures and reporting as these laws evolve and change.

Reducing Labor Costs

Reduce the cost of labor and resource management with real-time, cloud-based Attendance on Demand, available anywhere and anytime there is internet access. Schedule the right employees in the right job at the right time. Overtime is reduced while maintaining service level and meeting labor ratios mandated by regulatory compliance or industry standard.

Attendance on Demand Brand Promises

Attendance on Demand President and CEO, Chris Ciapala, talks about the evolution of time and attendance systems and the Attendance on Demand brand promises.

Security in the Cloud

Learn how Attendance on Demand's cloud-based labor management is safe and secure.

Affordable Care Act

Manage employee status for compliance with Attendance on Demand.

Employee Engagement

Improve accountability with Attendance on Demand's multiple ways for employees to clock in and out, request time and off and view their benefits.

Punching on the Go

Easily verify employee's punches while working remotely with Attendance on Demand's mobile app.

Replacing Absent Employees

Attendance on Demand offers flexible alerts and notifications that make finding and replacing absent employees a breeze.

Automated Time Off

Streamline Absence Management with Attendance on Demand's automated time off request and approval.

Flexible Punching Options

Improve Employee Time Tracking with Attendance on Demand's flexible punching options.

Alerting Supervisors

Learn the ways Attendance on Demand helps notify supervisors with notifications.

Workforce Management

Learn how Attendance on Demand can help maximize productivity and minimize overtime.

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