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Long term healthcare facilities face lots of challenges when it comes to PBJ reporting. Let Attendance on Demand help you prepare.


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Effective July 2016, long-term care (LTC) facilities must report staffing and census information quarterly through a new software application, Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ). Are you prepared?

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white paper cover Payroll-based Journal Reporting for Long-Term Care Facilities

Effective July 2016, long-term care (LTC) facilities will be required to report staffing and census information quarterly through a new software application, Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ).


PBJ webcast – "Get Ready for New, Mandatory CMS Reporting"
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Below are answers to questions that have come up during the webinar, PBJ—Get Ready for New, Mandatory CMS Reporting.
We've addressed the common areas of concern below, trying to address several of your questions within each topic. Please refer to the CMS resources linked here as well as the recorded training for more information, and contact us for details about Attendance on Demand's solution.

Counted Time and PTO

There were several questions about what CMS considers paid time to in included and excluded. In general, only paid time spent in the defined direct care jobs is counted. Therefore, lunches, training and PTO time, even for salaried employees, should not be included. Furthermore, you report hours only and not dollars. Specific questions should be directed to NHstaffing@cms.hhs.gov.

Contract Staff

There were quite a few questions about contract staff. You have to report roster information about individual contractors and track their hours through a timekeeping system, invoices, or other auditable means. It is acceptable to record a hire date, which refers to the date that the contractor first works at your facility and leave the termination date blank. It's also important to note that reporting for laboratory and radiology services (employed or contracted) is no longer required. The FAQ document published on April 27th addresses contract workers. See this document or contact CMS for more detailed information.

Definition of Positions

Several questions asked for details or advice about specific positions. The PBJ Long-Term Care Facility Policy Manual contains a more detailed description of each position. You need to submit hours for only the required positions described in the manual. It also discusses co-located facilities (you should report hours only for services to SNF/NF residents) and when to include hours for corporate staff not paid by your facility. Please see this document and contact CMS at NHstaffing@cms.hhs.gov if you have additional questions.

Use of the PBJ System

Access to PBJ is through the QIES system. You can have two accounts per facility. You will need a CMSNet user ID and a QIES submission ID. You can set up individual accounts online (instructions here). Access to the QIES system also provides access to both PBJ and CASPER reporting systems.

Any combination of manual and XML file upload is accepted. For example, you can upload the employee information and manually enter hours. You can upload employees, and manually enter contractors, and so on. Each employee is identified by an ID in the PBJ system. You assign the ID, which must be unique for your facility. Do not use social security numbers. Timekeeping systems typically assign unique IDs to employees, which can be used. The Downloads section at the bottom of CMS's PBJ page provides a link to download the XML file specification that vendors use to create the import files.

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