Attendance on Demand Releases White Paper on Mobile Workforce Management

Avoiding Over-connection and Disconnection

Attendance on Demand announces the release of a white paper describing productive and cost-effective ways to capture time and labor information for a mobile workforce.

With the ability to work where and whenever an employee pleases, over-connection means boundaries between social and work life blurs. Over-connection can become a problem for employers as they need to worry about compliance issues under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The FLSA stipulates employees need compensation for every minute they are working for their employer. Multiply this problem by however many employees are in the field and an organization can have significant overtime and labor increases and potential non-compliance allegations.

On the flip side, a sense of disconnection can be felt by an employee who works off site. Being 'out of the loop' is difficult to cope with if communication is lacking. Frustration also arises when organizational processes demonstrate preferences for onsite employees.

"A time tracking system with the right features give companies a forward-looking advantage in today's market," said Beth Baerman, Director of Corporate Communications at Attendance on Demand. "Whether it's over-connection or disconnection, a time and attendance app with features that cater to mobile employees will encourage more successful, effective and productive mobile workers."

This white paper discusses how to provide employees with a tool to easily track and manage hours as the work week progresses. With straightforward policies established by employers concerning working outside scheduled hours, a time tracking app helps employees avoid becoming too "plugged-in" which then limits overtime and labor costs. Communication is also key for offsite employees. A mobile app can play an important role in maintaining open lines of communication between employees and supervisors.

Whether its over-connection or disconnection, mobility and flexibility time tracking apps will encourage productive and efficient mobile workers and give organizations a more cost-effective and fluid way of doing business. Download the complete white paper here.

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