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IntelliTouch 60: The Workforce Management Time Clock

    Save Costs.

    IntelliTouch 60 is priced competitively, and offers a “pay as you go” subscription to help you conserve business capital.

    Save Time.

    Your employees can quickly and easily verify hours and other workplace data in real time.

    Reduce Your Exposure.

    Employees are able to verify their time and hours data, rather than managers signing off on what they see.

    Engage Your Workforce.

    The brilliant 8-inch touch-screen display can be configured with visual prompts in text, icons, and multiple languages.

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Celebrating 10 years of helping companies:

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Your Solution for Payroll-Based Journal Reporting

Labor Law Compliance

Attendance on Demand time and attendance software minimizes the risk for long-term care facilities while providing advanced features for labor law compliance.

Calendar Time Tracking

Midnight-to-Midnight tracking automatically without changing the way your employee time cards or reports display time.

Seamless PBJ Reporting

Avoid the costs and errors associated with manual PBJ entry and use Attendance on Demand to easily generate a file that can be seamlessly uploaded to the CMS PBJ system.

10 years of Attendance on Demand